About The Salty Goat Co.

The inception of Salty Goat Co. comes from the memories made here, by founder Willie Lee, both during his childhood and while raising his children.  Our beloved Murrells Inlet sits a little island surrounded by oyster banks and salty tides.

For over two decades now this small patch land has become a famous landmark for both tourists and locals alike.  The reason for all this fame is quirky presence of our goats.  They have resided there through the years as weather permits, usually spring through late fall. The safety of our goats always come first! Goat Island is as much a part of Murrells Inlet as is the smell of pluff mud from the creek or the smell of fried seafood on a summer night.  Life here is simple.  We enjoy sunset cruises and lazy days soaking up the sun or reeling in a fish.  Living the dream here means that our boats are in the water and the goats are on the island.  When you wear a Salty Goat Co “T”,  hat or hold a koozie in your hand you can take a little bit of Murrells Inlet with you wherever you go.  In recent years, due to the extremely high tides and erosion on Goat Island it has been decided that it is in the best interest of the goats to not return to the island until ecological solutions can be made which will not only ensure the preservation of the island but also further protect the goats
Salty Goat Co can only be found at Lee’s Inlet Apothecary, which is the local pharmacy serving Murrells Inlet.  Salty Goat Co is also a part of Good Deed Goods, a brick-and-mortar boutique that gives 10% of its sales back to various charities.  Good Deed Goods can be found inside Lee’s Inlet Apothecary.
We keep the new merchandise updated on our Instagram page and on our Gallery page.  Contact us if you need anything shipped.