About The Salty Goat Co.

The origins of Salty Goat Co. are rooted in the cherished memories of founder Willie Lee, shaped by his childhood experiences and the joys of raising his children in Murrells Inlet.Willie Salty Goat

Murrells Inlet is a captivating and historically significant area with its own distinctive narrative. This rich history spans centuries, brimming with colorful anecdotes and tales, from the local fishermen’s quirky stories about Goat Island, to legends of pirates, ghosts, plantations, and the folklore of the Waccamaw tribe, the original inhabitants of the marshlands.

Salty Goat CO

Over the centuries, this modest land has become an iconic destination beloved by both tourists and locals. Whether it’s the legends of Black Beard roaming the marshy waters, the friendly local ghosts like Alice Flagg and The Grey Man, or the spirits of the Waccamaw tribe’s nature guardians, this is a sacred place woven deeply into the local lore, embodying a profound connection to the land and its history.

Life here is simple, with scents of pluff mud from the creek mingling with the aroma of fried seafood on summer nights. We relish sunset cruises, lazy days under the sun, and the thrill of reeling in a catch. Living the dream means boats in the water and the laughter of friends in the air. When you wear a Salty Goat Co. shirt, hat, or hold a koozie, you carry a piece of Murrells Inlet with you, wherever you go.

Salty Goat Co can only be found at Lee’s Inlet Apothecary, which is the local pharmacy serving Murrells Inlet.  Salty Goat Co is also a part of Good Deed Goods, a brick-and-mortar boutique that gives 10% of its sales back to various charities.  Good Deed Goods can be found inside Lee’s Inlet Apothecary.
We keep the new merchandise updated on our Instagram page and on our Gallery page.  Contact us if you need anything shipped